My Story

Throughout these last four years of freedom, finding my legs and understanding what I had been through, what I had put my family through, I’ve told bits and pieces of my story. However, I recently ran across The Atheist Forum, a site by Michael Vito Tosto that is a fantastic collection of his thoughts and essays. I strongly encourage any of my readers to spend some time over there. 

But it was reading through his story that really moved me, and made me think it might be time to tell my story more fully. I confess this will be long, and maybe very few of you will have the time to read it, or even find it worth whatever time it would take. For my own sake, if nothing else, it needs telling. I’ve done my best to break it down chronologically by phases, different periods of my journey where I can identify specific turning points, or shifts in the narrative.

What follows is my best recollection of events. If anything I wrote is inaccurate, it’s a fault of memory and time, and not intent.

I. The Formative Years

II. The Teen Years

III. Conversion

IV. Indoctrination and Domination

V. Body, Mind, and Soul

VI. The Mountains of Madness

VII. Faultlines

VIII. The Apostate in My Bed

IX. A Shift in Attitude

X. Breaking the Circle

XI. Showdown of the Mind

XII. Free at Last


8 thoughts on “My Story

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