Presuppositionalism: The Cancer of Apologetics – Part I – General Epistemology

If, like me, you spend any time at all viewing religious debate on various YouTube channels, either as an atheist seeking to broaden one’s knowledge of apologetic arguments, or as a Christian either seeking to better counter the arguments of atheists or explore one’s own doubts, you have certainly run across the en vogue apologetic tactic, as I prefer to call it, of PRESUPPOSITIONALISM, otherwise known as the Transcendental Argument.

Though not originating with him, its primary modern proponent is Sye Ten Bruggencate (hereafter STB), who is so bold as to call his website Proof That God Exists.  Go ahead and play around with the site for a moment.  When you tire of pigeonholing and artificial manipulation of arguments, come on back here and we’ll discuss in depth this apologetic argument and its proponents’ methodologies. Continue reading