The Music of the Spheres

I saw an article on the behavior of dew drops on leaves.

It seems so very simple.  My short interpretation is that the dew drop seeks a state of rest, which sends the dew to the tip of a leaf, even if doing so defies gravity.  Such a tiny little natural phenomenon creates such spectacular beauty in a meadow on a cool morning.

If I’m being honest, it’s thoughts like that which keep me agnostic.  The majestic beauty of nature in uncountable ways, from the vastness of space and the stars, planets, nebulae, comets, to simple dewdrops upon a field of grass or upon a spiderweb. Continue reading

Socialist Jesus

On Facebook I posted an amusing little picture:

A friend of mine responded by saying:

“I think churches are more effective at tending to the needs of people than our bloated gov[ernmen]t is”

‎”It’s the churches’s job” is one of the favorite Christian responses to the idea of social helps, and it’s honestly a very weak answer. The churches of the world are woeful at meeting the needs of the poor for many reasons. Continue reading

The Point

Read a quote by atheist author John W. Loftus in the context of a different conversation that, to me, says it all:

“We need to explain rather than explain away what was said.”

That encapsulates the difference between the skeptical position free of presupposition and the Christian position burdened with the filter of belief.