Science, Schmience

As my little cadre of readers know, my former pastor Chuck and I are engaged in a little debate around R.C. Sproul’s Not a Chance, in which Sproul takes on the idea of Chance as a factor in Existence. In doing so he contacted a scientist buddy or two, one of whom at least is also a bible-believing Christian, it seems. This guy, “Bob,” provided some commentary after reading through my blog that was half interesting, half a festering lump of offensive arrogance.

I’ll deal with the latter in a subsequent post, but I’m going to reproduce his comments here then address the points he brings up to see if they hold water. Continue reading

Games of Chance – Ch. 2 – More Straw?

This post will be relatively brief, as there isn’t much going on in Chapter 2 save Sproul doing his best to stuff as much straw into his strawman as he can before he begins tilting at the windmill of Quantum Physics. That said, there a few items in this chapter I would like to address.

Sproul’s main aim in this chapter is to imply… well, never mind, he asserts that the entire global community of scientists has abandoned logic and reason, and that it’s up to philosophers like himself to bring them around. Good thing he’s not arrogant about it or anything, eh? Continue reading

Games of Chance – Ch. 1 – Rocks and Pillows

Let’s dive into chapter one.

First, I’m not going to hide my disdain for what I’ve read so far. I’m not an expert in physics by any stretch. For that reason I expected, or at least hoped, to be challenged by Sproul’s presentation.

Sadly, that is not the case.

In this first chapter, Sproul attempts to completely redefine chance to serve his preconceptions, then disparage science and scientists based on those preconceptions, though perhaps misconceptions is a better word. Continue reading