Let Them Pray

Last weekend during a football match in the UK between Tottenham Hotspurs and Bolton Wanderers, a young player, Fabrice Muamba, aged 23, collapsed to the ground, suffering a cardiac arrest.  It looked very bad for the boy.  To fans of English Football and the game worldwide, it brought back memories of other tragic losses, such as Marc Vivien-Foe.  I expected the worst as medics worked on the lad.  Cameras scanned the crowd, showing shocked, tearful faces.

As the boy fought for his life, people around the world were called on to pray. Continue reading

A Valid Search…

My friend (and I do consider him my friend) Rick made the following statement in a comment below:

“The reality is that a valid search without preconceptions will lead to God,”

Needless to say, I vehemently disagree with this statement.  Throughout history open-minded searching has been blamed for the apostasy of millions.  Scientists are derided by Christians because their search for facts, evidence, and truth consistently invalidates the faith claims of the religious.  The wisdom of men is foolishness to the elect.  I wonder how anyone can take that to be a truth and still make the claim that a valid search leads to god?

There is a serious error in Rick’s statement: Continue reading