Parking in the Red Zone


Hey, faithful readers, it’s finally happened.

I’ve uploaded my first episode of the No Faith Zone webcast. It’s a talk and Q&A I did at Western Seminary, similar to my session there in October of 2015.

I will be gradually moving other content to the NFZ site, including My Story and perhaps even some of the blog posts. I’ll also provide some archive links here. Hopefully this new format will be a little more fun and and interesting, and hopefully I can get my dumb self on a schedule.

Cheers, and thanks for all the support!


2 thoughts on “Parking in the Red Zone

  1. Hey Anthony,

    I really enjoyed having you in the class last week. As I mentioned in the class, the way you facilitated the conversation was very respectful and well done. I’m not sure what Dan has shared with you as far as what we are learning in the class, but for one of the assignments, I had to listen to this sermon and was reminded of you: What stood out to me so much was how the person explained that the Gospel leads to the most humanistic people in the world and actually brings about the most peace. Anyway, I hope you get a chance to listen to it and I’d love to hear your take what he shares.

    All the best,

    • Kory: Thanks so much for dropping by. Thank you for your compliments. Even though there are things on which we don’t agree, it’s important that we’re still able to have dialogue. I felt you guys, in turn, were very welcoming and open to discussion, making it a very rewarding experience. I’ve been traveling on business all week, but I’ll make some time to listen through in the next week or so. Cheers!

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