By the Numbers – Implications

No word from R yet, but he did have time to post a smear piece about Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger, naturally. Assert, but don’t engage – CSOP (Christian Standard Operating Procedure.) But it got me thinking again, because that’s what I do. I drink and I think things.tyrion-lannister-drinking

One of the key tactics of the Evangelical Anti-Choice crowd is to build a straw-man of the Pro-Choice position.  Continue reading

By the Numbers – Follow Up

Well, it seems R doesn’t seem too interested in engaging on this subject, so I think I’ll carry on from here and invite him (or others, for that matter) to disagree as he will or won’t.

There is a song by Steve Camp from the early 90’s called “Face to Face.” As you might guess, it’s about the Second Advent of Jesus Christ. There’s a line in the second verse that, as a thumping pro-lifer back in those Evangelical glory days, used to send chills down my spine:

“We’ll see every murdered unborn child standing by his side!”

Our lament for one million murdered babies per year was very real. That’s how we looked at it.

But we felt like we’d sort of win anyway in the end, because we’d see those babies someday in Heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ and all His angels.

Now, with that thought in mind, let’s take a look at the four questions I asked R to consider. Continue reading

A Little Class, Redux

This is just a quickie of a post, but I’m delighted to say that I’ve been invited back to Western Seminary for another class dialogue session.

My regular readers will recall my visit there last year, which was a truly rewarding and interesting dialogue for everyone involved.

Dan emailed me over the weekend and asked if I’d be interested, to my delight. And of course I accepted. Didn’t even have to consider it. It won’t be until February, but with advance notice, I’m able to get it on my calendar and ensure I’ve got the time to make it work.

I also live another 90 minutes further away, so it will require an overnight trip this time, so hopefully that means more time to visit with Dan and his family and friends.

This time I hope to video the session and post it here for review and discussion. I’ll keep you all up to date as the time approaches.