My Story – A Serial Comedy/Drama/Tragedy/Redemption Passion Play

Recently I was trolling through other free-thinker’s sites, doing some random reading. I came across the Atheist Forum, hosted by Michael Vito Tosto. He’s written a ton of thoughful material on the journey through the Christian life and the aftermath of finding freedom. Delightful stuff and worth the read.

On his site he took the time to tell the story of his entire Christian journey. I saw so much of myself in the things he put him through, in the things that others put him through. Those of us who’ve made the Great Escape bear scars and have stories that need telling if for no other reason than to simply vent the spleen.

So, bit by bit, I’ll be doing the same. Taking inspiration from Mr. Tosto, I’ll make it a separate set of pages from my regular postings. I hope those of you who have escaped can find a little commiseration. I hope those of you who are searching can see that you’re not alone in your doubts and your struggle, and that you’ll see that it’s safe out here for you too.

I confess that most of all, it will be good to tell the whole story and just get that off my chest. We had some very good times and knew some very good people. We also endured some very difficult bullshit that we’d never have subjected ourselves to without the impetus of religion, and it’s that which I’ll highlight.

But most of all, my life was not my own, and my view of the world around me was skewed.

I was blind, but now I see.

It’s good to be free.

My Story

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