My Story – Redux

After a flurry of writing, I’ve completed telling the story of my Christian experience as best I can.

I hope you find it interesting. I hope seekers find something they can identify with, realize that they aren’t the only ones walking the uncertain path of doubt.

I hope Christians will read it and recognize themselves in there, and at least see that there just might be some things they should consider.

I hope those who are already out, like me, will be encouraged that more and more of us are finding our way out of that pretend world and into the real one, ready to make a difference.

Thanks again for reading.

My Story

2 thoughts on “My Story – Redux

  1. I’m reading through your story now and plan to finish it. I haven’t announced my other blog yet (am working up the courage) but if you are interested you can read my story(ies) that I’ve been working on at: There are some fascinatingly similar elements.😊

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