Lesser of Two Limbaughs?

Well, here I am again, with a bit of a bug up me arse, so to speak. With ol’ Pastor Chuck’s refusal to actually engage with the longer conversation about the book he talked me into reading in large part, I sort of set aside the book in the interest of not boring myself. I’ll come back to it, but there’s no hurry now, it seems.

But my attention was drawn to another book, Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel, penned by David Limbaugh, brother of the galactically reprehensible purveyor of hate and social fuckwittery, Rush Limbaugh.

I guess it was the fact that it’s written by a Limbaugh that made it so tempting. That and the idea that applying the concept of a legal challenge is interesting. My expectations are low, because it’s the same sort of crap that Strobel and McDowell claim for their effusive, yet piddling, efforts – convincing nobody but the religiously insecure who want only to be convinced and not to actually understand.

So we’ll take it chapter by chapter, until I can’t take anymore. We’ll see where it takes us.

Who knows, maybe it’ll make a believer out of me again! Woot!

Watch this space…

11 thoughts on “Lesser of Two Limbaughs?

  1. I will try to follow along, teehee. I have noticed a softening around the edges of my atheism lately, making me more accepting of things like the meaning of dreams and the possibility of out of body experiences, coincidences that aren’t, soulmates, life purposes, and suchlike. *Not* Big Beardy and other Christian concepts at all. We shall see where this leads, but for now it is giving a new expansion to my fiction and poetry, which is nice.

    • It’s called spirituality honey and is not limited to one set of beliefs. The universe has many dimensions higher then this one and while MSM is not allowed to disclose it several key scientists agree and there has been experiments that prove it.

      You used to be able to learn this on NOVA on PBS where scientists explore higher concepts and weird things have happened that were recorded but were silenced by the paid community.

      If world scientists admitted there were higher dimensions they would have to re look a evolution and rethink a lot of concepts and possibly add new concepts.

      That would put thousands of workers and researchers who depend on Evolution being the gospel truth out of work and not only that but discredited by the public.

      There is nothing worse to a scientists then public shame and they will do ANYTHING to avoid that short of murder.

      • While I appreciate your reading and the sentiment, there’s a lot of, erm… well, a lot of unsubstantiated silliness in there. For instance, physicists theorize as many as 11 dimensions, so I’m not sure where that comment comes from. “World scientists” (wotever that means) are exploring a myriad possibilities, despite your veiled assertion that they’re somehow all in a conspiracy to stem spirituality and tell lies about reality. And how understanding more about other dimensions would force biologists to “relook at evolution…” Come on, dude. I got where I did by not buying into blind assertion and supernatural gobbledygook, insisting that one follow the actual observable facts wherever they lead.

        Do you *really* think we have biology and physics all wrong?

        Sorry, that’s nonsense.

  2. The problems I have with Christians is I am not sure if anybody has encountered this but I used to be one till I started discovering the world cannot be fit into a box.

    Trying to tell Christians my discoveries about other religions they basically go around the bush not outright admitting it but I can tell in their venom they belive ALL OTHER beliefs except theirs is valid and you cannot even begin to question or something must be wrong with you.

    Perhaps your mentally ill/challenged or possessed by Satan himself which he must be able to go everywhere at once to possess so many atheists as he never seems to bother non Christians.

    Christians get absolutely livid if you even dare speak anything contrary the only group worse then them is extremists Muslims who believe if they can’t convert infidels you should be killed and they earn a *spot* in heaven if their leader says to wage holy war.

    Not much different then crusaders other then looks and natural geography limits.

  3. I once read a similar book called The Bible on Trial, by Wayne Jackson. It was total crap.

    If you find the going tough, maybe try pretending that it’s written tongue-in-cheek…

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