SLO, Seth, and Sacred Cows

I’m a bit late posting this, but better late than never.

While other folks fall asleep to the sounds of the Tonight Show or the dumbass dog barking next door… actually, that’s us sometimes too, but aaaaaanywayyyy…

We often listen to one of several podcasts we enjoy by freethinking secularists or atheists, or the occasional episode of Unbelievable. Well, I listen to the same show several times while T nods after in the first 5 minutes then listens to the next few minutes each night till she gets through the entire show.

One of our favorites is Seth Andrews, of The Thinking Atheist program. In his Christian experience he was a Christian radio host. He still has a very radio-friendly voice. In his book, Deconverted, he recounts his transition from Christian to atheist and the path that took him to his current internet gig. 

We’ve been fans for a couple of years now, so when we heard he would be in San Luis Obispo giving a talk and flogging his new book, Sacred Cows, we put that at the center of our schedule.

The event was organized by the Atheists United SLO chapter and was a very nice event.

It was quite well attended:

sethandrews3Seth is bottom center, if you’re wondering. T and I are at center two rows back, in the peach and grey shirts.

He started with a talk about his book, which is a lighthearted look at very strange beliefs of religions all over the world.

sethandrews2Afterward we got to meet the man himself. It was a small enough gathering that we got to chat with Seth before, after, and while getting the book signed. He is as kind, gregarious, and personable as he comes across in his broadcasts.

sethandrews1In all, a very enjoyable evening with some excellent people.

We are actually planning to move down to that general area before the year is out. It was our first chance to connect with the AUSLO group. We were very enchanted with all of the very kind and welcoming folk we met there. We are looking forward to getting down there and getting plugged in, making new friends who are like-minded yet very individual.

I would encourage anyone with any interest in free-thinking and post-belief living to tune into Seth.

He’s a nice guy. But don’t take my word for it. Listen for yourself.


4 thoughts on “SLO, Seth, and Sacred Cows

  1. Sounds like a great time!
    And thanks for posting pics! I’d do the same but I still want to be anonymous. Besides, my Gravatar is so handsome 😗

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