Sanctimonious Sanctity

A brief and amusing primer, in case you were wondering…

Because, let’s be honest, the whole “Sanctity of Marriage” excuse is a baldfaced joke – a lie even. There is far more adultery, fornication and divorce than there could ever be homosexuality, because, you know, math?

Yet the big threat to Life, Liberty, and Happiness, to hear the bigots tell it, is the Homogays!

You would think if the Sanctity of Marriage was really so important, they’d try to outlaw divorce and bring back the death penalty for fornication and adultery.

You’d think. But they don’t think. They just hate.

2 thoughts on “Sanctimonious Sanctity

  1. Lol… Ok… You will get a kick out of this…. I was in Sunday school and of course every damn week was about gay marriage. Finally I snapped, not thinking, I said, “maybe we should try to get the church divorce rate down before we start freaking out over gay marriage. You know, clean up our house before we try to clean up others.” That really made the room quiet… Then it hit me. My Sunday school teacher (I really like him tbh) is divorced, 2 other women were divorced, and we had a divorced and visitor. Lol.. Oops.
    For the record, I’m not against divorce. That’s their own business and I figure they know what’s best for them. But we can’t think gay marriage will destroy the sanctity of marriage when as Christians, we are doing a great job at it.

    • How dare you ask logical questions! Church teaches us to value the teaching from the pulpit over the working of our own mind, which makes it easy to gloss over these sorts of inconsistencies. Good for you for being honest 🙂

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