Is Technology Sinful?

Is technology inherently sinful?

Seems like it. I’ve been without my laptop for several days now. I’m getting the shakes. I might be willing to break a commandment or two to get it back.

All that to say once I get it sorted, I’ll be back to regular posting. I’ll be skipping over the History of Satan for a while, as it’s a little more involved and is taking longer than I’d like to leave between posts. We’ll move to punishment and hell next.


2 thoughts on “Is Technology Sinful?

  1. Actually (to be serious for a sec) the ultra-orthodox Jews believe that their peeps should stay away from all media except if they have to use it for business because it can only lead to bad. Sometimes (don’t freak out!) I can see their point. I don’t know how/if they get news and current events info from outside their community (maybe they don’t care), but even some less radical types wish their was a way to keep kids from some of the social media/TV influences and it’s so hopeless unless you make harsh rules and live in an insular environment where others are supportive of same and there are alternative forms of entertainment. For me, I seem to check my phone constantly (can look at email, FB, blogs, etc. there as well), but if I’m somewhere and can’t because of no signal, I stop thinking about it. Weird!

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