And Your Point Is…?

I thought it would be helpful, for me at least, to make a list of the issues I plan to explore that have led me to abandon my belief in the bible as a spiritual authority, in Christianity in general, and Evangelical Christianity in particular.  Those who have left the evangelical fold often focus on a variety of issues, so my emphasis may be much different than the next person’s.

Also, I’m sure these topics will all bleed into one another, because I’m a little ADD and tend to throw everything into the pot.  And I’m sure this list will evolve as topics do so, and as I think of other things I would like to address.  This is just to give us a road map for our conversation.


  1. Where did evil come from?
  2. Who is responsible for the evil men do?
  3. The evolution of Satan.
  1. Does the punishment fit the crime?
  2. Where is hell anyway?
  1. Free Will and Responsibility.
  2. Is God a Loving Father?
  1. Who is God anyway?
  2. Is YHWH good by the bible’s own definition?
  3. YHWH vs. Jesus
  1. Which Jesus/Which Gospel?
  2. Paul vs. Jesus
  3. Can I get a witness?  The historicity of the Gospel records.
  4. Wanted, Dead or Alive – The Resurrection.
  1. Who wrote the Old Testament?
  2. Who wrote the New Testament?
  3. Is the Bible truly one cohesive story?
  1. Denominations – why so much disagreement?
  1. Who deserves a miracle?
  2. Are Christian miracles better than everyone else’s?
  1. How does God decide which prayers to answer?
  1. Adam and Eve.
  2. Noah’s Ark.
  3. The Tower of Babel.
  1. The Big Bang.
  2. God’s fingerprints – Is God evident in nature?
  1. What about other gods/faiths?
That’s enough for now – if there is something else you’d like to add to the list, leave a comment and I’ll update it.
Off we go.

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