Why of the Why

Welcome to Why I No Longer Believe –

After 26 years of devotion to Christianity, specifically to the conservative evangelical sort, I have left the fold.  It was not spontaneous.  There was not one thing that led me to do so.  I have very little doubt about my journey, but much emotion.

I hope this blog will serve as a thorough investigation of all that I found.  For my own sake, to assure myself I have been fair to both sides of the issue and have searched as objectively as possible.  For my friends I hope it will serve as an explanation, and perhaps even an encouragement to look hard at their beliefs as well, whatever they may be.  A faith untested is no faith at all.  It is little more than wishful thinking.

For acquaintances and strangers I hope it will serve as a proving ground, a place for reasoned debate and discussion.

Having frequented the sites of agnostics, atheists, and apologists whom I’ve read during my search, I’ve found much intolerance and holier-than-thou nonsense that does nothing to promote discourse.  And I’m not just talking about the Christians, not even close.  People have a lot of reasons for thinking and believing what they do, and the sort of broad-brushing stereotyping I see elsewhere has no place here.  If you can’t say it respectfully, then it doesn’t bear saying.

All of that said, off we go.  May truth and knowledge guide our way.

5 thoughts on “Why of the Why

  1. Welcome to your new fold – “Former believers who still have questions and are positive that there’s more than meets the eye.”

    I continue to struggle with bigotry instilled by my former faith as well as new ignorance from anti-religious influences, and it is comforting to have another of my intelligent and engaging Internet friends join the quest.

  2. Yes – I like the new fold 🙂

    *it is comforting to have another of my intelligent and engaging Internet friends join the quest.*

    I bet it is, but you’ll have to settle for me for the time being 🙂

  3. I am just now joining this “fold” officially. I have been a “believer” now for nearly 40 years have taught Sunday School, been a deacon, tithed, etc. but I have found myself doubting more and more and finally coming to the conclusion that I just don’t believe it anymore. I am still struggling with much of this and just told my oldest son today. He and the rest of my family are strong Christians and greatly involved in the church. I am not very involved anymore other than just going every other Sunday when I’m home. I’ve even quit tithing! I don’t really know where I’m headed. One of my spiritualist friends thinks I’m redefining who I am and I’ll find my beliefs but, you know, I don’t think so. I think I’ve landed squarely in Atheism. Not with disregard of disdain for what my family and millions of others believe but for myself. I am very excited to see your blog and look forward to reading your posts and participating. Thank you!

    • Thank you – I’ve been lax in putting up new posts – with about 10 new ones in the works I’m needing to get back to it 🙂

      I would just give you a mild warning. A few of those you don’t wish to disdain won’t return the favor. Hopefully you’ll find a different experience, but several people warned me early on. I didn’t believe them, and found myself hurt and harassed by a few people I wouldn’t have expected.


      • Thank you for you warning! I am so sure that you are right that there are many I don’t even want to bring it up with. I won’t change them, they won’t change me and they don’t want to discuss it from a reasonable standpoint. I am being very selective in who I discuss this with at this point. You have such a gift in expressing your thoughts. As I said before, I really look forward to reading you posts. Please keep up the good work. At least this discussion is good for me and I know I’m not alone! Thank You

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